A Lesson on Leather.

A pair of shoes can be one of the major parameters in creating an excellent first impression. Not only does it enhance your overall look, but also says a lot about your personality. There is a diverse range of designs for you to choose from depending on your outfit and occasion. However, one of the most popular shoes that are always in trend is leather shoes. Be it a formal meeting, a party or a daily job, it will always add that extra charm to your look.

Leather shoes are widely considered as a must-have pair in your collection. It is known to provide that classy and bold appearance that grab people’s attention. Besides, it is one of the most comfortable shoes for your feet that will give you extra protection. Along with its high durability, it also has a breathable material to ensure the flow of air in and out without feeling congested. They are a true game-changer for your outfit and thus, they require special attention and care from you. 

Good maintenance will determine the long life of your leather shoes. Although it is a durable material, it requires peculiar care due to its delicate nature. They often tend to get damaged if not cleaned properly and can also dry out with cracks due to the lack of conditioning. If you are curious to know the correct approach to maintain your leather shoes, then we have got you covered with some of the important tips and techniques. Keep scrolling down to dive deep into the details:

  1. Before you begin, the first and foremost step is to remove the shoelaces and insert a shoe tree to retain its shape without any creasing.
  2. Take a brush with soft bristles and clean out all the dirt and dust from every corner of your shoes.
  3. Apply a good shoe cleaner and conditioner to get rid of the tenacious stains.
    Bonus tip: Always make sure to do a small patch test before using any kind of product.
  4. To maintain the nourishment of your leather shoe and to forestall the cracks and dryness, consider applying a shoe cream all over the surface of your shoes. Let the cream get dry for approximately 5 to 8 minutes.
  5. Brush it again to give a finishing touch and you are all set.

Following these tips is more than enough to clean and will give a long life to your leather shoes. It will make your shoe brand new while enhancing its beauty.